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Frequently asked Questions

Pressing instructions will be attached to the packing slip of your order. If you are missing these instructions visit our Direct to Film (DTF) Pressing Instructions page

We recommend using our prints within a month of purchase. Store prints in a dry and dark places, avoid contact with direct sunlight. 

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for estimations. Delivery time can vary depending on a variety of external factors. 

Our refund policy works case by case due to the nature of our product line being consumables. For further information see our Returns Policy or Contact Us.

Please Contact our team ASAP for a change in delivery address, as our orders are shipped daily and can result in additional charges.

Tracking numbers and carriers will be supplied upon completion of your order via an automated email. 

Our best form of customer support is via email. For high priority/time sensitive support please call us @ 1300 426 438

We ship Australia wide 363 Days of the year, International orders can be organised with senior members of our team. 

While we do try to keep all items together due to the nature and size of our items we can’t always keep them in one package. However, we do shipping orders under the same consignment. 

DTF Shop does not cater to custom printing. To have your own designs printed check out DTF Store’s Print and Send options. 

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